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Bienvenidos a Los Roques National Park!

The Archipelago Los Roques National Park has such an amazingly rare beauty you have to see it to believe it. If you look at the aerial view, all you can see are the different shades of the blue waters and green mangroves, contrasted by the pure white sands. As you approach the crystal clear waters, you can immediately spot the coral reefs of different colours and shapes, against the background of the white sands and the deep green marine flora. This group of 50 islands, each of which has virgin beaches, amazing coral reefs and lagoons, and ideally placed Los Roques hotels, lies right in the middle of the Caribbean.

Los Roques is definitely one of Venezuela's most scenic spots, with wonderful weather throughout the year, making it true paradise of travellers.

Los Roques is situated 150 kilometres north of Caracas. This clean and unpolluted marine park is the largest in the Caribbean. It is made up of a massive 22.120 hectares of sea, 50 islands and islets and reefs that surround a mangrove and coral lagoon. Out of the 50 islands, Gran Roque is the only island with a village. This pretty village is marked by sandy streets with colourful posadas and Los Roques hotels, most of them offering accommodation in Los Roques and food. The Los Roques Archipelago was converted into a National Park in 1972. The special highlights of a visit to Los Roques are the 350 islands and white sandy beach atolls, a calm sea with clear waters, vibrant colours and pleasant weather all through the year.

A lot of tourists from Europe flock to Los Roques to take a Los Roques tour to enjoy the coral reefs, which are immaculately preserved even today. A great number of tourists bring their personal yachts and settle down for a while in the protected area of the central shallow waters.  Nevertheless, there are strict norms on developmental and tourist activities.

For tourists looking for an action-filled holiday, these almost-empty white beaches, the sun and the breeze make a great location for bird watching, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and kite surfing. This is an ideal place for fishing too - especially bone fishing, the best in the world.

The one thing that comes to mind while talking about Los Roques is the intense brightness everywhere. Then there is that perfect blend of colours - the blues and the greens, set against a brilliant white. If there is a sandy bottom, the water is bright and transparent. If there are vegetable prairies, the water is dark, almost opaque. The marine life and the coral reefs are not only one of the most beautiful in the world but also the best preserved. Two reef barriers protect this archipelago. Use our Los Roques map to get your bearings and also help you choose your hotel in Los Roques based on its location.

Los Roques archipelago can easily qualify as a diver's paradise - what with its unexplored reefs and a huge variety of coral flora and fauna. What makes diving even more special are the 200 foot vertical walls, pinnacles, exciting underwater caves full of colourful sponges and black coral structures. Los Roques has a huge assortment of tropical and other fish including snappers, groupers, jacks, creoles, wrasse, barracudas and shark - you can spot them easily at the sandy bottoms even on your cruises. To add to the excitement, you can take a look at some shipwrecks and a turtle breeding ground at the biological research centre.

Out of the multitude of islands, Gran Roque is the only one that is inhabited. This village is characterised by its multihued houses, yachts, Los Roques hotels , fishing boats and sea birds. You can have wonderful views of the sun setting over the Caribbean archipelago from a lighthouse that was constructed around 1870 and 1880. You can also take a tour in Los Roques on the tiny Dos Mosquises Sur Island that houses the Marine Biological Station mentioned earlier. Apart from turtles, it is also a shelter for some sea animals facing the danger of extinction.






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