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Shopping in Los Roques

No one can resist shopping while holidaying in Venezuela. Visitors to this country love to carry away with them artistic hand-made curios. Los Roques does not have many shops, but you can shop for local hand-made items in Caracas, which has some great places to shop.

The hand-made products made locally are always the best buy in Venezuela.

Our Los Roques Shopping Guide below tells you about the shopping options in Los Roques, as well as some recommended shopping places. Make sure you take a break from shopping in Los Roques and relax and enjoy a delicious local meal at one of the great Los Roques restaurants. You should also check out our Venezuela Shopping Guide for more shopping ideas throughout the country.

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Bodegon Los Roques
Calle La Playa
Tel: 00-58-414-291-91-89
Oscar Shop
Calle aeropuerto.
Tel: 00-58-237-221-10-43

Supermercado W. Salazar
Calle principal El Pajarito.
Tel: 00-58-237-221-12-91
Inversiones Yemaya
Calle Las Flores, casa # 094
Tel: 00-58-414-125-17-00

Quincalleria Noraibeth
Calle principal El Pajarito.
Tel: 00-58-414-236-77-18
Pluto Shop
Calle aeropuerto
Tel: 00-58-237-221-10-96

Bodega Joes Shop
Calle La Laguna
Tel: 00-58-424-852-13-53
Artesanía Luna Blu
Calle La Plaza
Tel: 00-58-237-221-10-90

Farmacia Los Roques
En frente de la plaza del Gran Roque.
Tel: 00-58-416-624-48-09
Doña Carmen Store
En frente de La Plaza
Tel: 00-58-424-243-20-57

Abasto La Primavera
En frente a la Plaza Boliva
Tel: 00-58-237-221-14-64
Boutique Botuto
Tel: 00-58-237-221-14-37

Tienda Cayena
Calle la plaza al lado del bodegon.
Tel: 00-58-414-236-13-73
Chat Inversiones Eusosoft 3000, C.A.
La Lagunita street, house155, next to Posada Guaripete.
Tel: 0237-414-55-67

Artesanía La Tortuga Roqueña
La Lagunita street, next to Posada La Movida.
Tel: 0414-825-19-20





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