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Weather in Los Roques

Find out the more about the general temperatures in Los Roques below.

Los Roques has a dry climate due to the trade winds blowing regularly from east to northeast at an average speed of 21.8 kilometres per hour, all through the year. November experiences winds at 19 kilometres per hour, which is the minimum speed annually, and the maximum is in June when the speed ranges anywhere between 25.2 to 47 kilometres per hour. The average relative humidity is 83%.

A few small showers at 256.6 millimetres average per year count for rains here. April has the least rainfall at 6.6 millimetres and November has the most at 52.2 millimetres. The ‘rainy season’ is between October and the start of December, but even then, the rainfall is scanty. An interesting feature of Los Roques is that there are no hurricanes here. The average temperature in Los Roques is 27.7 C throughout the year. It is the highest in September at 28.2 C and June-January experience the least temperature of 26.2 C. Winds characteristically blow from east to west. The visibility is an average of 21 kilometres.

The temperatures of the water range from 25 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. The water is warmest between June and October and coldest between January and February. Incidence of heat waves is very frequent and common, lasting up to 8.6 hours a day, on an average. The temperatures are always high and this combined with a strong, perpetual breeze, results in high evaporation.





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